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What is Medicare Part D


Pick Your Plan Pick Your Prescriptions Change Your Plans
You pick your plan through a private insurance carrier in your state. Pick your prescriptions from a pharmacy that is in-network with your plan. If you want to shop your Part D plan, you can change plans each year during the Annual Enrollment Period.

Medicare Part D, also known as a prescription drug plan, helps you pay for your doctor prescribed medications.

How do I get Medicare Part D?
There are 2 ways to get prescription drug coverage:
Enroll in a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan (Parts C and D). This will combine your medical and prescription drug coverage.
Enroll in a standalone Medicare Part D plan that will be in addition to your Original Medicare (Parts A and B)

What prescription drugs are covered by Part D?
Every Medicare Part D plan has a list of drugs it covers, called a formulary. When you research a plan check the medications you are currently taking against the plan’s list. Formularies include both brand name and generic prescription drugs. Your plan will not remove any drugs from its formulary until the start of the new plan year, unless there’s an extenuating circumstance, like a recall.

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